Company Strength Demonstration

The area of our factory is about 10000 square meters. The factory has an annual production capacity of 2 million Motors and fans and has 16 years of motor production history. Scientific quality management systems and professional customized automatic production equipment ensure reliable product performance. Excellent quality comes from the professionals, we use excellent quality and reasonable prices to serve customers. Hangzhou Jinjiu Electrical Appliance Co Ltd. has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength, and product quality.

  • 16 years of experience

  • Factory area 10000

  • Employee 500+

  • Dozens of products

  • High Quality

    We have our own testing lab and advanced and complete inspection equipment, which can ensure the quality of the products

  • Safety Guarantee

    Our professional technical team tests the safety performance until the product meets the requirements.

  • Years of experience

    We have many years of experience in production and R&D. Our technical team is very mature and can provide good service.

  • Capacity

    Our annual production capacity is over 2 million pcs, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.

  • Employees

    Now the company has more than 200 employees, which greatly meets a large number of customers.

  • low cost

    We are a factory. So we can offer the price and products directly.

  • Jinjiu established in 2014

    Jinjiu established in 2014

    Hangzhou Jinjiu Electric Appliance Co Ltd. ( Hangzhou Fuyang Jinma Motor Factory) was established in...

  • About Jinjiu

    About Jinjiu

    Hangzhou Jinjiu Electric Appliance Co Ltd. ( Hangzhou Fuyang Jinma Motor Factory), is a professiona...

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    Congratulations to our official online line, we will serve you better !

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